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NNN Lynnwood-Edmonds Walk
208th St SW and 74th Ave W
11 A.M - Noon

Come walk the trail around the beautiful Lynnwood Municipal Golf Course, which is adjacent to Edmonds Community College. We start in the parking lot at the intersection of 208th St SW and 74th Ave W.

The trail is just under two miles long. The walk is scenic, with views of rolling hills and ponds on the golf course. Quite often squirrels, ducks and other birds are seen.

We can walk slowly or (moderately) fast, and not all of us have to walk at the same pace, nor the same distance.  

Of course, assisted walking devices are welcomed, encouraged. 

Want to talk ahead of time?  Please email me and we can chat online or on the phone.  

No Membership requirement for these sessions.  Everyone Welcome!