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Northwest Neighbors Network

Helping Seniors Age Well in Their Own Homes

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why join a village?

Joining a Village has many benefits.

  • It’s an approach to aging that connects you with new people and ways to enjoy life
  • It empowers you to take responsibility for your future
  • It equips you with knowledge and connects you to the best service
  • It provides a practical, well thought-out plan for a time when you may need help…what you need, when you need it

It makes great financial sense.

  • Medicare does NOT pay for long-term care.
  • There is a publicly funded long-term care system, but to qualify you must be Medicaid eligible–i.e.; have a very limited income.
  • Without Medicaid the only option is Private Pay.

Here are some ball-park costs for Private Pay long-term care:

  • In-home Care – the average rate for in-home care is $20 to $30/hour, usually with a 2 to 4-hour minimum or $40 – $120 per day $14,600 – $43,800 per year
  • Independent, Assisted Living & Adult Family Homes: the average is about $3000 to $6000 monthly or $36,000 to $72,00 per year
  • Nursing Home: the average is $8,670 monthly or $104,040 per year

It gives peace of mind & a sense of purpose

  • Gives peace of mind to your loved ones because they know your Village will support you
  • Offers you the opportunity to tailor your own activities & connect with others who enjoy doing what you like to do
  • Provides you with meaning and purpose by volunteering…on your own terms and in your own neighborhood

Are there age limitations on membership?
  • Eligibility for membership is based on need for the services we provide.
  • Our services are of equal benefit to disabled adults as to older adults.
  • Members must be age 18 or over.
Why join before I need services?

Ease of accepting help in the future.

  • It’s a great way to “pay it forward.” If you join a Village while you’re robust, you’ll be best able to help shape what is offered when you need it.
  • You will feel better about being on the receiving end of services when your time of need arises.

No waiting period.

  • When you pay it forward, the Village is there right when you need it; you’re in the system with no time needed to process an application.
  • You can enjoy new activities and friendships without needing services.

It’s an endeavor worth supporting.