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Become a Member

Why should I join?

Peace of Mind…Financial Benefits…Social Network…Community Support 

Joining a Village has many benefits.  It’s an approach to aging that:
  • Empowers you to take responsibility for your future
  • Equips you with knowledge and connects you to the best services
  • Provides a practical, well thought-out plan for a time when you may need help; what you need, when you need it

Joining a Village benefits everyone. It gives peace of mind to your loved ones because they know your Village will support you by:

  • Providing opportunities to tailor your own activities and connect with others who enjoy doing what you like to do
  • Finding meaning and purpose by volunteering; on your own terms and in your own neighborhood
  • Making services available at no charge through volunteers, who have had background checks and are overseen by village staff

Volunteer and member working on the computer

What services are available to members?

to appointments, shopping, errands, visits with friends, events

Home Maintenance such as gardening, light yard work, minor repairs, clearing walks, changing light bulbs and batteries

Technical Support with Phones, TVs, computers, networks, and help using them

Household Help such as light housework, some meal preparation, house minding, taking out the trash

Personal Support for accompanying to appointments, making regular phone calls or visits, providing downsize help, organizing paperwork, going together to exercise or attend a social event

What you need to help you stay in your home; we can't do it all, but we enjoy a challenge and if we can't do it, we will try to help you find someone who can!

Why join when everything’s going well in my life?

  • If people join when they are vital, they are more ready to be on the receiving end when their time of need arises.
  • When you pay it forward, the Village is there when you need it; you’re in the system with no wait period to process your application, liability coverage, etc.
  • You believe in community and reciprocity and understand how good it feels knowing you’re benefiting the community.

Who can join NNN?

People living in the neighborhoods and areas immediately surrounding: 
    Shoreline • Lake Forest Park
    Edmonds • Esperance • Woodway
    Mountlake Terrace • Brier • Lynnwood

The initial service area is concentrated on Shoreline/Lake Forest Park. People living in the other neighborhoods may currently join as affiliate members at a reduced fee, participating in the social activities and receiving services when available in the larger area.

Is joining a village cost effective? 

Here’s a brief look at your public and private funding alternatives:
  • To enter the publicly funded long-term care system, you must be Medicaid eligible, that is, have a very limited income.
  • On top of this, government funding & services for seniors, including support of senior centers, are being severely cut with no end in sight.
  • Medicare doesn’t pay for long-term care, leaving private pay and insurance as the alternatives.
  • Private pay long-term care costs are exorbitant with estimates of the following:
    • Home Care: average $20 to $30 per hour & most agencies have a 2-4 hour minimum
    • Independent, Assisted Living and Adult Family Homes: average $3000 to $6000 monthly
    • Nursing Home: average $8,670 a month

Independent living has costs as well:
Here’s a conservative list of how a non-member living in his or her own home might spend money for needs and enrichment over the course of a year.

Four round trip rides per month for shopping, doctor visits, routine activities
$2000 per year
Calculated using typical Uber/Lyft fees for rides of approx 10 miles each way ($25)

A handyman visit every 4 months, for a total of 3 a year
$330 per year
Calculated assuming $55/hour, two hour visits

Yard work once a month, mostly mowing and weeding
$1680 per year
Calculated based on $35/hour, four hours per visit

One visit a year with technical person to help with computer, mobile device, TV, or network
$200 per year
Calculated assuming a total of two hours at $100 per hour

Friendly visits or walks, 2 hours a week, sometimes to provide company while a care-giver runs errands
$1,560 per year
Calculated assuming $15 per hour

Just these few items add up to $5,770 per year. All of these things and more can be provided by a fully-functioning village.  

How much are NNN membership dues?

A full service membership is $600 per year for an individual and $900 for a household.  A social membership (with no services or access to the member-recommended vendor information) is $120 per year.  If these fees do not fit in your budget, we will work with you to determine what will. 

We've extended our Startup Special
Through the end of 2019, members who sign up for twelve months get six additional months at no extra cost.


Ways to Pay Membership Dues:  It is easy to pay online.  We are still an all-volunteer organization, so we encourage members to use that option in order to minimize processing time.  We accept payment by check if quarterly or annually.  Monthly payments are accepted online only. 

 Membership Type  Annual Cost    Volunteer Services    Educational Events    Social Events    Referred Vendors    Newsletter
 Individual   $600 X X X X X
 Household   $900 X X X X  X
 Social   $120     X   X
 Supported   Range X X X X X

How do I apply?

Or call us at 206 800-3009