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We're Getting Noticed!


The buzz about NNN is getting louder!  People are calling to learn more about what NNN has to offer to help themselves, and others they know, stay in their homes as they age.  We're excited about the growing interest and the possibilities of expanding our membership. Many thanks to all NNN members and volunteers for helping us tell the NNN story at every opportunity and for letting us know about events we can attend to help represent NNN to all members of our community.

Help Tell Our Story 

NNN has brochures, business cards, a laminated 3x5 card with our vital information and yard signs.

We're ready to host community information sessions and participate in local events, too. We have two standing banners, a table runner, and a wonderful group of members and volunteers all ready to work together as we spread the word. 

Cards, brochures, and yard signs are available to help you tell our story by sending an email to Please be specific about what you want and how many you need of any item.

Banners and table runner

Help Us Expand Our Community!

Be an active ambassador for our NNN community. Everyone can help by talking about NNN and what we're offering. How about while standing in line at the grocery store, while chatting with someone in your doctor's waiting room?  On a bus ride?  At work or place of worship?  Belong to a senior center or social group? Have friends or family who work in fields where they meet people who are aging in place? The possibilities are endless!

We also have volunteers ready and willing to meet with other organizations, attend community events, local fairs or other public forums so we build more awareness about NNN at every opportunity.We need your help to let us know where and when those opportunities exist.

Please contact us at to let us know about upcoming events or opportunities to connect with others who may benefit by having a relationship with NNN. The more advance notice we have, the better. 

All Hands July 2019
All Hands July 2019July 2019 NNN volunteer workshop provided us a chance to practice talking about NNN and to learn from one another.
All Hands July 2019

All Hands July 2019
All Hands July 2019
All Hands July 2019


Volunteers Make the Difference! 

A NNN volunteer has maximum flexibility to volunteer as much or as little time as is available on any day or week. You decide when you can offer to help and what you can do. We don't expect fixed times of days or set days unless that's easiest for our volunteers. That is one of the reasons some of us joined.  As volunteers, we can pick and choose which services to accept and when.  As members, we can join in on social events that appeal to us and fit on our calendars. 

Got a place to put an NNN yard sign?  Click on the one below to arrange a delivery.

NNN Yard Sign
One member's sign, artfully displayed.  Not on the busiest of streets, but hey!

NNN Yard Sign