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Date: 12/2/2019
Subject: NNN Members & Volunteers
From: Northwest Neighbors Network

Mark your calendars:  January 17th, 1PM - 3PM  NNN spring workshop
NNN workshops focus on NNN volunteer services and community.  All of us, regardless of the labels, contribute to NNN culture, help one another with our presence and advice, and enjoy one another’s company. So all are welcome and encouraged to participate in the workshops:
* Volunteer members who are vetted to provide services in members’ homes
* Social members
* Full-service members
* Folks who provide administrative, oversight, and advisory assistance

The focus of the January workshop will be on bringing us all up to date on NNN policies and processes for providing services to members. Since this information is critical to providing these services, we ask that volunteers make an effort to attend if possible.  (We will also allow time for some relaxed mingling and munching to help us get acquainted.) 

What is bothering you most?  
Tanya McGee, Region Lead Coordinator for Sound Generations, suggests this question as one we might ask when we are helping someone who is feeling overwhelmed at the moment.  (It is not a bad one to ask our selves now and then also.) . 
We learned a lot from her at the fall workshop.  A full report will be in the NNN winter newsletter.

Stuff we will be doing in December
Of course there are the regularly scheduled 2nd and 4th Friday lunches, the Tuesday walks, and the 3rd Monday book club .  And some of us are heading to the opera on December 7th.  These can all be found on the NNN calendar.
In response to the request in the November 19th email, a few mini-events are being planned for this month. Here is what we have so far.  Note that dates have not yet been set.  So if you would like to join in on any of these activities, please  send email  or call 206 800-3009 so that you can be included in the planning or notified when times and places are set. 
  • Afternoons at the movies.  Shows and times are available only a week or so in advance.  Under consideration are the Crest (any day of the week) and the AMC (Tuesdays for discount tickets).
  • Lunches, primarily at restaurants serving food from other countries
  • A board game.  We will pick one and head to a Senior Center for a couple of hours after lunch.
  • Strolls about various neighborhoods to get some of us back into walking 
  • Coffee or tea at local neighborhood coffee houses
  • Happy hour gathering at a neighborhood pub
  • Gathering for lunches at various senior centers
Some of these will be trial runs to see if we want to incorporate them into our regular monthly scheduled events.  As always, we want your ideas on other activities you would like NNN to help set up.  Please let us know! 

206 800-3009