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Date: 4/30/2020
Subject: Stay Connected and Informed-April NNN Update
From: Northwest Neighbors Network

Hello NNNers,
This is your bi-monthly update on our upcoming events and other news, especially as we hopefully return to more normal life after we wait for the State "Stay at Home" guidelines beyond May 4th and what changes will come in a phased approach in May. (Governor Inslee to release additional information May 1st based on dashboard data.)
  • WALKING: We continue walking routes with 6-foot social distancing  
  • TALKING: We continue to make phone calls, deliveries and porch visits. We're also planning more video call visits (Zoom or Facebook) - read below if you want to join the May 1 meeting, or suggest more online meet ups in the next few weeks
  • MASKING: Need a mask? Call or email the Services team and we'll get you a cloth mask

NNN services and activities continue to be suspended through May 4, 2020.  
Aside from keeping in contact through our phone visits,
we can perform some essential services.
If you need food or medicine, please call 253-237-2848
or email 
and we will find a way to make it happen. 

Need a Mask? Email/call your Services team. We've got you "covered!"
Want a phone call or video call? We're ready to catch up with you! (phone, text, video call via Zoom or Facebook or Google, or others). Call/email the Services team.
"What's Up at YOUR home?" online meeting via NNN Zoom host:
May 1 at 10:30-11:30 AM (email/call Services team if you want to join)
Show your favorite flower from a vase or your garden or a photo, or just log in to see others =)
We miss getting together with everyone! While we staying at home for safe health, we can still visit virtually. How about joining your NNN community members in a virtual bi-weekly chat? We can talk, sing, dance, read or just say hello to each other  Have a topic that you’d like to discuss? Join us on the next NNN Community Zoom chat! (Proposed dates are Mondays and Thursdays - contact the team if you have preferred dates/times.)
Which restaurants in YOUR area are offering takeout/delivery?

Additional Resources (for those rent/eviction/food support questions):
  • The WA State Department of Commerce is providing additional funds for rent and energy assistance to low-income households. Please contact Hopelink at 206-440-7300 to request financial or utility assistance. Email for information about additional funding.
  • Governor Inslee extended the eviction moratorium to June 4 and added additional protections for residential and some commercial tenants.
  • SHORELINE: Supplemental Weekend Food Support is now available. Call 206-385-9385 by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesdays to request a delivery.

During our Stay at Home Restrictions - Great Advice from our nationwide Village to Village Network Team

Plan for Yourself

  1. Make travel plans! Yes, start thinking about places you would like to visit. Let your mind wander. Do research on the Internet. Ask friends to join in. A good trip requires a lot of planning; you have the time now! Make several different plans, and don’t worry if you can’t fulfill all of them. It will lift your mood and implant hope in your soul.

  2. Take out Tuesday. I don’t know who came up with the idea, but that sounds like a good idea. We bought enough groceries to last us a month, but decided to go to the In-N-Out drive-thru for the world’s best burgers (sorry to those who have never tried them). It’s something different, and our brains crave looking forward to the new and interesting. Support a local restaurant by ordering your favorite dishes for delivery or pick-up. 

  3. Do a financial check up. OK, this one is not so fun but important. Have you examined your portfolio recently? It might not be pretty. If you have real estate investments, do you have contingency plans if the tenants are unable to pay? Get some professional help. Financial professionals are still working, mostly from home. 

Plan for Your Community

  1. Mow your lawn. I know this sounds like something you are doing for yourself but it’s probably about time to trim that foot tall grass and weeds; sprucing up your home for neighbors who walk by on their daily escape from cabin fever. Some counties like ours have banned gardening services. You can loan your lawnmower and weed whacker to neighbors who do not own one. Oh, and did you get started on your victory garden yet? 

  2. Reach out to vulnerable neighbors. Call or email if you have their contact information,  drop a handwritten note in their mailbox, or wave to them when you walk by. I contacted a couple of neighbors who lived by themselves, and was pleasantly surprised by some of the good conversations I had. There might be that one lonely neighbor who never talks to anyone and is suspicious of everybody. Being suspicious is a result of being lonely, according to loneliness expert John Cacioppo. It might seem like this isn’t anything different for them since they have always kept to themselves anyway, but use this as an opportunity to drop a note, it will be much appreciated even if they don’t show it. Even if you can’t change the world, you can change their world for the better. 

If you're a Lynnwood Resident wanting an additional weekly connection:
In an effort to keep our residents socially connected during this time of “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order the City of Lynnwood is happy to launch Lynnwood Connects Check-In
The Lynnwood Connects Check-In program is a weekly phone call to see how residents are doing and share a friendly conversation. Check-In calls are intended to provide an opportunity to connect to those who may be feeling socially isolated by linking individuals with a friendly, caring City of Lynnwood staffmember. Check-In calls can be provided in Arabic, Chinese, German, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian.
Enroll online or via phone to get signed up. Phone: 425-670-5035 Email:

206 800-3009